Race FAQs

Are runners allowed to carry baggage to the race venue? 

    In partnership with the local law enforcement and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, we ask that you consider NOT bringing a bag to check on race day. If you must bring a bag, please allow extra time for baggage check and security(Please refer to the Baggage and Security below for detailed instructions). We ask for your full cooperation to avoid interruption of the day's events.


Baggage and Security

•    If you must check a bag at the race, you will be given a bag, and please use the bottom piece of the BIB to label your bag. You may not put full backpacks or personal bags inside the bag.
•    You will check your bag by handing it to a BTR volunteer at a designated baggage zone, organized by the bib range. Runners will not be permitted to enter the baggage area.
•    BTR and local police reserve the right to search a bag at any time, both within and outside of the baggage area. Any bag left unattended on Race Area will be confiscated by local police and/or BTR volunteers. As a reminder, this may cause interruption to the day's events.
•    Runners may be subject to security screenings.

Where should I go if I lose/find something during the race?

    Lost and Found is located at the Main Tent on race day. To provide a positive community experience, if you lost or found a lost item, please head over to the Volunteer Tent.  Unclaimed items will be held for 24 hours. If an item is unclaimed after 48 hours, it will be donated.  

Please message us on our website: https://www.bostontrailrunners.org/contact

When/where should I pick up the bib, and what should I bring with for the pickup?

    For all our race events, it is recommended to pick up your race number before the race. An email will be sent to all registered participants before the race and a friendly reminder a few days before with detailed information about the race and Bib Pick-up dates, times, and locations.
    ID or confirmation is required for number pickup. A friend or family member can pick up your materials if they can provide your DOB. Please keep in mind that sometimes two or more entrants have the same name.

How does the timing system work in the race?

    We are a community non-profit hosting fun local road races. Our races are time manual timing or chip timing.
Bib number must be worn on your torso, pinned to your outer layer of clothing. Bibs must be fully visible at all times (not cut, folded, or obscured). Runners who run the race without their bib properly attached or displayed risk inaccuracy in our records of time finished and ranking.

When and where can runners check the race results?

    Race results are posted on our website after the conclusion of each race.
    Your official (gun) finish time is recorded from when the race starts to cross the finish line. This time determines the order of finish and award winners. Unless otherwise noted.
    Athletes who have served a doping suspension of two months or longer are ineligible for prizes. Besides, failure to complete the event or disqualification means the credit cannot be applied for that event. 

Is there any pace limit for participating in the races?

    In the interest of safety and to allow streets and park drives to re-open as scheduled, race courses will remain open to all participants who can maintain a 13:00-per-mile pace (based on the time when the last runner crosses the start line). Those participants who cannot keep this pace should be aware that fluid stations and other course amenities may not be available. Participants in races staged on city streets may be asked to move to the sidewalks. Participants will be able to cross the finish line, but they may not be timed and recorded as an official finisher. Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.

What should I do if I have a problem with my result?

    We strive for accuracy in our results. If you find that you are missing from the results or your information (name spelling, age, gender, team, finish time, etc.) is incorrect, please use our Results Corrections form.  Generally, most issues are resolved within 48 hours after the race. Complex problems may require a more in-depth review and may take a bit longer to resolve. We accept results corrections for up to 10 days after an event. After that time, results are final and cannot be updated.


BTR Rules and Regulations

     BTR races are organized and directed under USA Track & Field rules and regulations. Entrants must also comply with the City of Boston Department of Conservation and Recreation and BTR rules. BTR reserves the right to change the details of its races.
     To ease congestion at the start of the race, we ask runners to line up according to race pace, with faster runners in front.
•    For participants' safety and to satisfy insurance requirements, no skates, strollers (including running strollers), or animals are permitted in BTR events.
•    Participants in events in city parks must stay within course boundaries, as designated by traffic cones, barriers, and other markings, at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and ineligibility to participate in future BTR events.
•    Under the City of Boston Department of Conservation and Recreation rules, please use only the toilet facilities provided.
•    Participant numbers must be fully visible at all times, preferably on the front of the torso.
•    The use of headphones is strongly discouraged.
•    Participants are advised not to invite anyone not officially registered for the event to join in any part of the race.
    BTR reserves the right to reject any entry and to disqualify and bar any individual from any BTR event. This rejection/disqualification may be based on, but is not limited to violation of the rules mentioned above; unsportsmanlike conduct; non-payment of race fees; competing with an unofficial number; competing with an official number or Chip assigned to another person; transferring or attempting to transfer an official number or Chip to, or to obtain such number or Chip from, another person; being paced during the race by a person not entered in the race; accepting assistance from non-race participants; crossing the finish line without having completed the entire course; and providing false information on the race entry form. Individuals disqualified from a race will be removed from the race results and be barred from future BTR events. BTR reserves the right to change the details of the race.

Important note: Lining up according to race pace helps ensure a safe and fun race for all runners. All runners must wear a race number, and that race number must be visible. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Once you have entered a race, your entry fees are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable under any and all circumstances, including, but not limited to, cancellation of the event or your participation, or change in the date, nature, or format of the event. An event may be canceled or changed due to severe weather or other factors threatening the safety of participants, staff, or volunteers. Cancellation or change of the date, nature, or format of an event may be mandated by governmental officials or otherwise be at the discretion of BTR.
      All BTR races are capped.  Price and entry are subject to availability.
      At BTR, we're committed to offering a world-class race experience to every runner at all of our events. Affordability is important to us! We do everything in our power to maintain low costs while providing world-class standards for our events.  Due to new fees for city services, our prices have increased. We pay these fees to obtain necessary services, such as police support and traffic control, without which our events could not take place in the world's most magnificent city for running. A smaller portion of the increases is due to increases in operating costs, including staging, transportation, and insurance, which are unavoidable when producing events in our incredible City of Boston.