Our fearless team will run, jump, and tumble their way up and down a trail. Bringing the adventure to both new and veteran trail runners. Creating a community around them and everything they touch. 

Keelin Brennan

Keelin was born and raised in Massachusetts. Growing up, she was heavily involved in music and later developed a love for running.

Keelin enjoys mixing up her routine by going out for easy runs and tempo runs on the roads, speed intervals on the track, and long runs along the Charles River. When she’s not at the gym for strength training, you can find her doing hill repeats to build strength. A running goal is to run a marathon with friends post-COVID.

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Patrick Caron

A 22-year old Mountain Ultra Trail athlete for Salomon, competing in international races and based out of New England on the east coast of the United States. For the majority of my life, running has been a major focus and passion of mine. Another major and growing focus is to use running as a way to connect with a broader community, and to promote wellness and environmental conservation through my endeavors.

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